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Gilbert Parks Policy for Inflatable Bouncers, Jumpers & Waterslides

The Town of Gilbert AZ has 16 public parks within its neighborhoods that allow bounce houses and other inflatable play structures to be set up on their grounds. We have delivered and set up our bouncers in all of them, so we know the drill and we can help!

The Town of Gilbert policy is as follows:

Bouncers are permitted with the reservation of a park ramada.

Current Permit/Reservation Fees for Gilbert Residents
(Each table seats approximately 10 people)

$15 /hour - 2-4 tables
$20 /hour - 5-7 tables
$25 /hour - 9 tables

The parks have designated areas (look for the on the maps) assigned for inflatable bouncers near ramadas. However some of the maps below do not show the specific area for inflatables. You will need to contact the Town of Gilbert to find out what location is best, near your reserved ramada, for your bouncer.

Circle G Park (no map available)
601 E. Encinas Avenue, 85234

Page Park (map)
120 N. Oak Street, 85233

Crossroads District Park (map)
2155 E. Knox Road, 85296

Sunview Park (no map available)
1417 N. Sunview Pkwy., 85234

Discovery Distric Park (map)
2214 E. Pecos Road, 85297

Veterans Park (map)
70 W. Park Avenue, 85233

Freestone Distric Park (map)
1045 E. Juniper Avenue, 85234

Villa Madiera Park (map)
900 N. Pine Street, 85233

John Allen Park (no map available)
334 E. Elliot Road, 85234

Village II Park (map)
125 E. Heather Avenue, 85234

McQueen District Park (map)
480 N. Horne, 85233

Vista Allegra Park (map)
1145 N. Elm Street, 85233

Nichols Park (map)
700 N. Higley Road, 85234

Zanjero Park (map)
3785 S. Lindsay Road

Oak Tree Park (map)
301 W. Houston Avenue, 85233

Water Ranch - Riparian Preserve (map)
2757 E. Guadalupe Road, 85234

Once you have selected a park for your party, contact the Town of Gilbert Parks & Recreation by phone at (480) 503-6200, Monday - Thursday between 7am - 6pm

You will be required to verify your Gilbert residency and then mailed a permit form that you must complete and return with Reservation Fee prior to your event.

That form will ask you for some information about Bouncy Bouncy. Here is the information you'll need to complete that form:

Company Name: Bouncy Bouncy Inflatable
Company Address: 40 N Sunway Dr. Suite 3, Gilbert AZ 85233
Company Phone: (480)406-0637
Insurance Company: Echelon Casualty

Please contact us if we can help!

You can view a complete list of all Gilbert parks here. You will need to contact the Town of Gilbert directly to inquire about bouncer permission at any of the parks listed her which are not listed above. Here is a link to their website.


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