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Mesa Parks Policy for Inflatable Bouncers, Jumpers & Waterslides

The City of Mesa AZ has 55 public parks (Wow! Tha's alot of parks!) within its neighborhoods that allow bounce houses and other inflatable play structures to be set up on their grounds. We have delivered and set up our bouncers, jumpers and moonwalks in all of them, so we know the requirements and we can help!

City of Mesa Parks Inflatable Bouncer Policy:

A special permit is required for inflatable equipment brought into any of Mesa's public parks. Most Mesa parks which offer covered picnic ramadas are available on a first-come, first served basis. There are some with reservable ramadas. Regardless of whether or not you select a park with a reservable ramada or one without, you must notify Mesa Parks of your intent to host a Bouncer, Moonwalk, Jumper or any other inflatable play structure. To do so, choose your park and the date of your event and call (480) 644-4271 to obtain a permit. The City of Mesa requires proof of insurance for all vendors supplying inflatables residents for events. We've provided bouncers to every park in Mesa and the city has our information already on file!

Below is an alphabetical list of all of Mesa's parks. This list however does not include any of Mesa's specialty areas such as swimming pools, golf courses, recreations centers. Some of the parks on this list contain sports complexes and dog parks. We've provided the address for each park, the number of ramadas at each park and an asterik* to denote those parks with reservable ramadas!

Alta Mesa (2 ramadas)
1910 N. Alta Mesa


Augusta Ranch (3 ramadas)
9455 E. Neville

Beverly (1 ramadas)
115 N. Beverly

Candlelight (1 ramadas)
1540 N. Barkley

Carriage Lane (2 ramadas)
3140 S. Carriage


Chaparral (1 ramadas)
1635 N. Gilbert

Chelsea (2 ramadas)
145 S. 40th St.


Countryside (12 ramadas)*
3130 E. Southern

Dobson Ranch (3 ramadas)*
2359 S. Dobson

Emerald (2 ramadas)
1455 S. Harris

Enid (2 ramadas)
5319 E. Enid


Ensenada (2 ramadas)
6413 E. Elmwood

Escobedo (2 ramadas)
215 E. 6th St.

Evergreen (2 ramadas)
328 W. 5th St.

Falcon Field (7 ramadas)*
4800 E. Falcon

Falcon Hill (2 ramadas)
7222 E. Jensen

Fitch (7 ramadas)*
651 N. Center


Gateway (0 ramadas)
315 E. Main

Gene Autry (5 ramadas)*
4125 E. McKellips

Golden Hills (1 ramadas)
7256 E. Pueblo

Greenfield (2 ramadas)
4105 E. Diamond

Guerrero Rotary (5 ramadas)
205 W. 8th Ave.

Harmony (2 ramadas)
1434 S. 32nd St.

Heritage (2 ramadas)
1501 S. Pima

Hermosa Vista (1 ramadas)
2255 N. Lindsay


Holmes (0 ramadas)
1450 S. Greenfield

Jefferson (4 ramadas)*
306 S. Jefferson

Kingsborough (3 ramadas)
2311 E. Holmes

Kleinman (5 ramadas) *
710 S. Extension

Los Alamos (0 ramadas)
2840 E. Covina

Meadowgreen (0 ramadas)
2821 E. Pueblo

Monterey (2 ramadas)
7045 E. Monterey

Mountain View (3 ramadas)
845 N. Lindsay

Palo Verde (2 ramadas)
3135 S. Dobson

Park of the Canals (6 ramadas)*
1710 N. Horne


Pequeño (0 ramadas)
537 N. Oakland

Pioneer (6 ramadas)*
526 E. Main


Porter (1 ramadas)
420 E. 8th St.

Princess (1 ramadas)
4461 E. Princess

Quail Run (1 ramadas)
4155 E. Virginia

Rancho del Mar (2 ramadas)
748 W. Guadalupe


Red Mountain (12 ramadas)*
7745 E. Brown

Reed (7 ramadas)*
1631 E. Broadway


Riverview (4 ramadas)*
2100 W. 8th St

Sheepherders (3 ramadas)
2455 E. McDowell


Sherwood (3 ramadas)
1453 S. Horne

Silvergate (2 ramadas)
2121 E. Enid


Skyline (9 ramadas)*
655 S. Crismon

Stapley (2 ramadas)
306 S. LeSueur


Summit (2 ramadas)
6237 E. Virginia

Valencia (2 ramadas)
634 N. Quail


Vista Monterey (0 ramadas)
633 N. Val Vista

Washington (4 ramadas)
44 E. 5th Street


Whitman (2 ramadas)
1750 N. Grand

Woodglen (1 ramadas)
2342 S. Beverly




City of Mesa Parks & Recreation can be reached by phone at (480) 503-6200, Monday - Thursday between 8am - 4:30pm. Their website is And we have the most current Facilities and equipment guide available by clicking here.

Permits must be obtained a minimum of one business day prior to use.

Here is the information you'll need to complete that form:

Company Name: Bouncy Bouncy Inflatable
Company Address: 40 N Sunway Dr. Suite 3, Gilbert AZ 85233
Company Phone: (480)406-0637
Insurance Company: Echelon Casualty

Please contact us if we can help!


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